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A guaranteed pick is not literally guaranteed. In the betting world, a guaranteed pick is known as a pick that is highly recommended, with lower observed risk than a straight pick, parlay, etc.

A parlay is a selection of 2 or more picks rallied into 1 betting card to provide a higher payout. Although there is an increased risk since all picks are required to be successful opposed to betting the picks individually.

Straight picks are intended to be bet on individual cards, not parlays.

There are many different betting platforms you can use, depending on your location. However, we strongly recommend Bet365 and Bodog. We do not receive any compensation for you choosing these platforms, we genuinely recommend them

Not at the moment. But when we begin hiring for new roles, we'll announce it on our Instagram account.

If you believe you could bring in new business, we're certainly open to discussing the option of you becoming a brand ambassador for Duck Investments. As a brand ambassador, you'll receive a portion of your acquired members' membership fees as a commission. For more information, please Contact us.